Do You Dare To Know The Truth?

The wise rule their own fate and use knowledge to navigate through life's challenges. Rev. Russo doesn't "pull punches" or "sugar-coat the truth" - he tells it how it is. His natural gift of empathy lets him truly connect to his clients to provide caring, honest, and intuitive solutions and he conveys the knowledge in a positive manner. All knowledge sheds light and the Tarot is an excellent tool to illuminate the issues of mind, heart, body, and soul.

Honest & Accurate

Well known Boston area Stregone (Witch) and Psychic, Rev. Vincent Russo (Vinnie) uses his psychic and clairvoyant skills to get to the heart of the matter: love & relationships, success & career, couples' issues, and more. Reverend Russo works with clients to help them achieve their goals by discovering the potentials awaiting them. Using his clairvoyant skills and psychic abilities, Reverend Russo can help clients maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.

Live PHONE Consultations
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Individual Readings, pre-paid

You pre-pay a reading and select the time. I call you either via Skype or Google Hangouts.

Select Reading Type

This "quick psychic check-in" is a "mini-reading" up to 15 minutes long. It is a good way to get answers / ideas regarding specific questions and situations, narrowing options, and gaining insight.
This Full "Basic Reading" uses a custom design spread based on the client's situation (or if preferred, the Celtic Cross Spread). Good for an overall view of where things are, what options are available and the best course of action. This reading, up to 30 minutes long, generally has enough time for follow up questions and clarification.

Available for Tarot Parties

Private Tarot Party

$35 per person per 20 minute psychic reading with a 6 person minimum.

Additional travel expenses, if any, determined at time of scheduling.

Ask for details.

Corporate Tarot Party

$150 per hour, two-hour minimum.

Additional travel expenses, if any, determined at time of scheduling.

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