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Society of Elder Faiths

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I am honored to be on the Board of Directors for The Society of Elder Faiths (SEF). The SEF is a Pagan religious organization incorporated as a church under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The SEF was founded by elders of five Wiccan covens in order to provide services to the local Pagan community which require a larger scale, more formal organizational structure than our individual covens can comfortably offer. The SEF exists to worship the Goddess and the Old Gods, to teach the principles of our faith, to celebrate the rites of our religion, to realize fellowship and unity within our membership and among the elder faiths, to render loving service to the Earth and all Her inhabitants, and to promote the understanding of our faith.

We sponsor Sabbats, social and seasonal ritual events such as the Lammas Faire, Fall and Spring retreats, and other gatherings. We sponsor special Sabbats for Pagan families through the Pagan Family Connection and special classes for teens and tweens. Our Sabbat rituals are open to all; we also offer several forum classes yearly for members only.

Our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church and Grove

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I am an elder and hold clergy credentials through the our Lord and Lady of the Trinacrian Rose Church and Grove.

The Trinacrian Rose is dedicated to La Vecchia Religione (The Old Religion, Sicilian and Italian Strega practices) and is a pagan church based in Salem, Massachusetts (USA) [ just north of Boston ].

We are a formal church body under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 180. Our foundational belief is a positive earth-centered focus which combines the Continental aspects of the Wiccan Religion and Old World Sicilian Witchcraft (Strega). Our clergy is empowered to perform weddings in Massachusetts, and by extension in other states as non-resident clergy. Charitable works are performed through the Sacred Paths Alliance Network ( S.P.A.N. )